5. Your Drawing Sure is Beautiful

While I was drawing this, not much happened.
A woman went back and forth in front of the house with a small white dog, nodding and quietly saying hello each time.
A man dressed from shoe to hat in white approached me and said ‘Your drawing sure is beautiful.’
A woman pulled up in front of the house, made a short phone call with the engine still running and then left.
And then the man who owned the house behind me pulled up in his driveway, got out of his car and came over, looked down at the drawing and me and said- ‘What’s wrong with my house, it wasn’t beautiful enough to draw?’
We both laughed and I told him there hadn’t been any light on his house when I started drawing, and he put his hands in his pocket and nodded his head and said I see.
Then he told me my drawing was beautiful and I thanked him and he turned to go inside.
‘Hello.’ a woman who had gotten out of the car with him called out from the lawn in front of his house.
‘Hello and good bye.’ I said and laughed.
She laughed too, and then I put my earbuds back in and went back to my podcast* and drawing.

*Today’s podcast: Making Obama WBEZ Chicago

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