20. Leah


While I was drawing this, a young man dressed completely in denim, and wearing an Olivia Newton John-style sweatband from the ‘Physical’ era, stopped right in front of me and began to question me about what medium I favoured for drawing.
‘Pastels. I told him, taking out my earbuds* and looking up at him and smiling.
‘Are they soft or oil?’ he said, and surprised that he would know the difference, I told him soft.
Then he came around to my side and looked down at my drawing.
‘Wow!’ he said.
‘I’m only about half way through,’ I told him, ‘I have a fair bit left to do.’
‘I’d take it just as it is,’ he said, ‘It’s awesome.’
Thanks I told him, as he stood there nodding his head up and down and saying ‘yeh, yeh’ softly.
‘Okay,’ he said, finally, ‘I’ll let you get back to it.’
‘Okay, thanks.’ I said, and I smiled at him.
‘Awesome,’ he said, smiling at me and waving good bye, ‘yeh, awesome!’

Today’s podcast: Anne-Marie Duff | Desert Island Discs

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