34. The Whitehouse

34 the_whitehouse.jpgWhile I was drawing this a tourist trolley went up and down the street, filled with people wearing sun visors and over-sized tee shirts.
A few cars pulled in and out of the driveway, and for a while someone even parked on the front lawn, but I drew around the car.
Then a pair of women stopped and I took my headphones off and looked up at them.
‘My that’s pretty.’ one of them said, referring to my drawing.
‘She does water colours, don’t you, honey.’ said the other one, smiling and looking over at the woman who’d spoken first.
‘Nice,’ I said as they walked off.
Then, having taken a break as the church bells began to ring, I put my headphones back on and listened to Kris Kristofferson singing Sunday Morning Coming Down while I ate an entire packet of Cheetos: a small, cheese-flavoured, processed yellow snack food shaped like a turd.

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