36. Snake bite

36 kiler snakesWhile I was drawing this a man came out from the house behind me and asked me if I’d draw a picture of his house for his father.
With him were three little kids sucking at ice creams and cans of coke.
‘Yes, I’ll draw your father’s house.’ I said.
Then it started to rain slightly so they all ran inside and I started packing up.
‘Come up and get my card.’ the man called out.
After I’d put my drawing stuff in the car I went to look for the guy.
I found his apartment at the top of some stairs.
‘C’mon on in,’ he said, ‘you wanna beer?’
After I said no to the beer he introduced me to his wife, who was called Sherri, or maybe Candy, and his three boys.
Then he went looking for his business card and I stood in the doorway staring at the TV while the rest of the family stared at it from the sofa.
They were watching a show about killer snakes.
‘Y’see that kids,’ Sherri/Candy said, ‘that snake bit that little boy and all the skin fell off his face.’

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